the serene bedroom

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zen bedroom

Happy Monday! Just wanted to share a recent project. It is a bedroom renovation. The house is a colonial from the 1940s with so much charm. It even has the original grass tennis court! As you all know Nashville is booming, and this homeowner was offered quite a pretty penny, as it happens to be ...

rainwater collection

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rainwater to drinking water with bioconcrete

  With the drought going on in the western United States, many of us have been thinking about how precious a commodity water is. In fact, it is up there with air, and yet so many of us take both of these things for granted. This blog post is written to remind us all to savor ...

sunken living room

Love Sectionals

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sunken living room

Sectionals. You either love them or you hate them. But let's face it, they are the most comfortable sofa, especially for families that like to cuddle. In my experience, many of the people that hate them, only know the microsuede sectionals from the big box stores such as rooms to go. I am here to ...

inside out

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doors that fold down to a deck

Here at evolve, we find a lot of inspiration from outside. One of our favorite things to do with houses is to help the interior feel like the exterior. Here are several ideas for how to let the outside in.... love these walls that open the room up and fold down to the deck Building into the ...

loving the dark walls

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ecclectic dark room

My husband and I got married just a year ago, and lets just say that blending our things has been a challenge. My style is quite modern and he is ultra traditional, and loves everything old. He actually has quite a few pieces, but the sheer amount of our combined things has made my living ...

evolve design build’s loft

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living room

The modern jet-setter no longer wants to be tied down with a huge house that requires maintenance and a staff. Today's young professional prefers a small loft catered to his or her needs with all the essentials and none of the clutter. When evolve design build's client came to us, he explained that he is ...

bathroom concept-online interior design

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online interior design

  A lot of people ask me about the process of online interior design. I wanted to show a little about the design process as I work on 2 bathrooms for one of my favorite clients. evolve design build is still early in the process of the design development of these 2 bathrooms, but I thought ...

Happy Independence Day

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4th of july deck

Everybody loves the fourth of July. Independence day means barbeques, boating, swimming pools and watermelon. Sitting in fields waiting for the fireworks displays. Driving to state borders to buy firecrackers. Pies, lawn games, picnics and family. We all chip in for the celebration one way or another. Somebody funds the activities. Somebody cooks. Somebody acts cute ...

treehouses as a way of life

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Treehouses, everyone loves them. Some people actually live in them, particularly in the south pacific and southeast Asia, but they have been found all over the world. In the 1700s Captain Cook found them in Tasmania.  And there are several reasons why this makes a lot of sense... -the most obvious and most important to me, ...

modern glamour meets the dining room, interior design ideas

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modern glamorous dining room

          evolve design build recently completed a dining room that has been in the works for many years. Although the walls received a makeover with glamorous wallpaper and freshly painted trim, the furniture and chandelier remained untouched until recently... Here are photos of the makeover.. what new upholstery and a fresh geometric chandelier can do! Hope that this ...