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Mediterranean Style

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living room

Creating a Mediterranean Style in a home can help to liven a it. Using a mixture of bright colors will help to bring a happy experience into the home . Some examples are deep blues, aquas, turquoises, and oranges. There are also many textures that are used in the mediterranean style that area inspired from ...

Outdoor spaces

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Deborah Needleman

Creating a great outdoor space can provide a hangout that can be a relaxing get away during the warmer seasons.  Providing some sort of shade, decoration and privacy can make any garden feel like an extension of your home. Here are some great outdoor spaces, with accessories that can facilitate in creating an outdoor oasis.

Making the best out of a small space

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Just because you have a small apartment or house does not mean that the space can not be elegant and chic.  A small space can be the perfect environment to express who you are to create a cozy, personalized home.   One of the keys to having a small space is organization.  A small space can be ...

Refinishing furniture

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Transforming furniture can be as simple as applying a coat of paint or adding new hardware, like drawer pulls and knobs.  Whether it is an old piece of furniture you own, found in a thrift shop, or has been passed down to you, the look of a piece of furniture can be altered by just ...

Airstream design

Written by Kristina on . Posted in Blog We may have the option of renovating a vintage airstream, to be used for VIP’s, weddings and other events!  There are so many options and cool ways to re-design airstreams, depending on the look you are going for.  In most remodels walls are torn down to take away the cramped corridors of the original airstream ...

Green design

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Green design is becoming more and more popular as people are realizing how easy it can be to do their part in saving the environment.  Some aspects of a building or home that can contribute to a green design are a healthy indoor environment such as paint with a low VOC (volatile organic compound), renewable ...