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Little Emma’s Big Girl Bedroom, online interior design

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Online Interior Design - Kids Bedroom Before

Emma’s room is getting a makeover with evolve design build's online interior design services. Now that she is turning 3, the little nursery is going to transform into a more fun room to grow with. Mommy has some beautiful furniture handed down from grandma.  Now Emma can't wait to get a big girl bedroom. At Evolve ...

Accessories – Choosing & Organizing!

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Online interior Design -Foyer Room

Walking through aisles of home decor stores, there you are gazing at every single item on display; a throw pillow here, a lovely rug over there and a floor lamp glittering under the light, all trying to lure you at the same time. You couldn't help but wonder “how in the world am I going ...

Recycle, Reuse, Repurpose

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Reupholstered Armchair via Chairloom

With our planet's natural resources rapidly being depleted it important that in the world of interior design we make the most of the natural resources we have already taken from the Earth. The idea of recycling, reusing, and repurposing is exactly what it sounds like. Instead of extracting new stone from the Earth we attempt ...

Innovative Concrete, Transparent Concrete

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Transparent Concrete via freshome

Transparent concrete? I know it sounds like an oxymoron, right? But it is real and truly a fabulous new innovation in the world of concrete. Imagine being able to see the outline of a tree or of a person through solid concrete walls. Not only is possible but transparent concrete is still just as eco-friendly ...

Going GREEN: Warehouse Renovations

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Warehouse Conversion in Melbourne via Home DSGN

In today's world of building green it is easy to think that new construction is the only way to achieve an eco-friendly space with all the latest in green construction and technology. However, the remodel of an existing building can at times be more eco-friendly. Think about the term embodied energy. Embodied energy is the ...

How to Decorate a Mantle

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Layered Mantle via The Lettered Cottage

It can be overwhelming to figure out the right configuration when decorating a fireplace mantle. The important thing is to step back, relax, and layer, layer, layer. Start with a large item like a mirror or over sized framed print. Or if you have a set of prints your fireplace is a wonderful place to ...

The Timeless Beauty of Herringbone

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Herringbone Floor via Amtico

Traditionally herringbone has always been a classic menswear pattern. Gone are the days that herringbone has to hide in the dark fabrics of men's suites. Really is there anything more timeless, elegant or beautiful than a herringbone pattern? When used in an interior design scheme the pattern brings both interest and depth to a space. ...

Decorating a space

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bedroom 2

When deciding that you want to redesign your home, many people come into the issue, "what do I like?". The best place to start is by looking online and viewing what type of images that you are attracted too. It is important that once you have decided which images speak to you the most, look ...

Historic Homes

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Bower exterior

People often think it would be nice to buy a historic home, and bring it back to life. Many times the problem is that they just jump into it, and do not think things through. When deciding to buy a historic home there are many factors that you have to think about, but one of ...

Income Property

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attic living space

Today many people are having finance issues due to the economy. As a result of this the housing market has dropped, and people are trying to find other ways to enhance their way of living. A way people are doing this is by remodeling areas of their home. Many people think that the best areas ...