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fashionably bohemian, interior design inspiration

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Here at evolve, we have an aesthetic that is both high fashion and bohemian. This is something that can be tricky to pull off. We have put together a list of principles to help with this look principles.... pay attention to trends, but look for the authentic. examples may be moroccan is in? go for real moroccan ...

“ART for Designs Sake” – The AP Gallery

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Art plays a significant role in interior design.  It sets the tone in creating the overall feel of a space.  Art is much more than an accessory; it evokes inspiration, healing, and excites our senses.  Today, Evolve is featuring The AP Gallery.   Native Floridian and professional interior designer, Ashley Policastri, has always had a keen passion ...

garden dwellings

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backyard dwellings

The iconic backyard dwelling is the treehouse. Here is a version made dreamy and cozy with gauzy drapes. Why not bring in pillows and blankets for the ultimate hang... the treehouse hangout. This blow up tent is perfect for a dwelling that you can put up and take down as the season allows... Great for summer ...

sweetest garden ever

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bean pole teepee

Gardening and love teepees? short on space? Here is a cute way to grow your green beans that takes up less space, is cute, and can provide a little shaded space for a pet or person to sit in the garden. Thank you MUD project for the idea! Want fresh lettuce everyday but don't have space ...

The ‘World’ of Light Fixtures

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French Lighting

Blogpost by: Jayasudha Seenivasan Light Fixtures are one of the important elements in design. They make a huge impact on the mood you like to create in the space and keep your design theme coherent. Fixtures come in different forms: Ceiling Mount – Chandeliers, Pendant Lights, Recess Light;  Wall Mount - Sconces & Lanterns; Table & Floor lamps. ...

how to select paint like a pro, home interior design

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living room

As most home interior designers know, paint selection is one of the most important components of your home. For our online interior design services, we have noticed that paint color selection is one of the most important aspects of the home to our clients.  Paint instantly sets the tone and creates a new canvas for ...

nature photography, home interior design

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Everyone that contacts us about our online interior design services always wants to know what art to put on the walls in their home. I am not a fan of store-bought prints from z-gallerie or target, although sometimes they are ok sources for when you need something fast, like if you are staging your home, ...

Get Savvy With Plant Decor!

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Blogpost by: Jayasudha Seenivasan Decoration doesn't always mean using man-made items to fill your space and create great ambiance.  Personally I love including natural elements in a design.  What is more simple than to bring in some plants and adding life and greenery to your indoors?  And what if I say you could do more than ...

beyond the chattanooga choo choo, travel

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Last weekend my husband and I had the pleasure of getting away to the glorious town of Chattanooga, TN. here are a couple of the wonders there that caught my eye... a beautiful carousel, could be inspiration for a whimsical nursery! a golden horse on top of the carousel a boat cutting through the river, would make a great ...

Nature Inspired Color Schemes

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Yellow Grey Color Scheme

Blogpost by: Jayasudha Seenivasan I have always heard choosing colors for your home from paint to fabric is one of the most daunting experience.  Why wouldn't it be? With your eye's capacity to distinguish about 10 million colors(really!) and having to go through the never ending swatches from different companies, it sure could stress you out. Don't ...