Kristina Eckert
creator of evolve design build

“To me, each soul is beautiful. I want to paint my client’s portraits through interior design.”

Life should be enjoyed in beautiful, harmonious, and balanced settings. Kristina Eckert mirrors her client’s spirits through space.

It was the interior designer’s childhood home that first piqued her interest in aesthetics. The tastes of her entrepreneurial father and Norwegian model mother made for timeless, elegant and understated décor. Their Los Angeles abode was a constant work-in-progress, but the furnishings reflected an appreciation for the finer things in life. Leather Chesterfield sofas and antique, carved wooden tables modeled a personal ethos of owning the best of all times.

As a result of growing up in Madrid, Spain, and California Kristina gleans her inspiration from all over the globe. She earned an environmental science design degree from Northern Arizona University before making a home in Nashville, Tennessee. In Franklin, Tennessee she earned her interior design degree at O’More College of Design. There she first combined her love for interiors and bettering the earth with a concentration in green design.

During her senior year, Kristina began taking on clients solo before establishing a partnership with a fellow undergraduate. Together, they formed cke interior design. The Nashville Scene and The Tennessean voted the design firm “best in town” several years in a row. Throughout nine years in partnership, the pair carved their niche in clean, modern and evergreen design. Projects such as Sunflower Café allowed Kristina to truly flex her creative muscles. Working alongside her friend, food activist and owner Gabrielle Mittelstaedt made the experience particularly soulful. Salvaged pieces and custom artwork pay tribute to the vegetarian restaurant’s locally grown, farm-to-table cuisine.

After nine years in partnership, Kristina set out on her own in 2013. Evolve Design Build was built upon the sense of autonomy her businessman father instilled in her. It is in her DNA to be an entrepreneur.

It has always been over-the-top undertakings that have solidified Kristina’s passion for the creative process. As an undergrad, she designed a gratis, interactive graffiti museum inspired by her internship in Spain. The country’s public artwork prompted her to create a sanctuary where graffiti could be legally painted. She personified its risk factor with bridges, obstacles and daredevil constructions. A coffee shop and art supply store completed her blueprints, and showcased a love for community and the pushing of boundaries.

Kristina strives to create new trends, which resemble no other. Her clientele never ceases to inspire. She enjoys collaborating with them to create works of art no one has ever seen before. Different personalities and stories stimulate her vision, yet it is Kristina’s intuition and emotional intelligence that ultimately guide her designs. For her, the magic is in the customization, small details, ambiance and the intangible. She wants each project to express the true being of its key holder.