First client post pregnancy

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My husband and I have had quite an eventful year, and consequently my blog has gone without posts… In June we moved to a new city, bought our first house, which was in dire need of renovations.. (I will blog about that once I find a decent electrician to hang light fixtures). But most importantly we gave birth to our first child, Lev. Three beautiful months after his birth I am ready to get back to work. Today was my first real day. I LOVED it!! Lev napped most of the day. I let the housework fall a little behind, and searched for sofas, artwork, accents and tables for a Nashville client that I had put on hold since last November. Thanks to my countless hours on pinterest while breastfeeding this was no problem. Tonight I was so excited about my first day at work, I decided to write a post about what I found..

So here is where we left off. She had inherited some pieces from her grandmother like the dining table and chairs.

antique table and chairs

we added detail to the ceiling in the sitting room


What we need to do is separate the sitting room it can be closed off from the rest of the house. Yes, everyone used to want open floorpans, but we have taken it way too far and too large.  We can close off a few rooms especially if the house is large. So we will be looking for antique pocket and french doors to add character. I’m thinking something like these:

antique doors

or these

antique doors

Then we need a comfy sofa.. Maybe this one from mitchell gold?

mitchell gold franco sofa–P11943.aspx

or this one from anthropologie..

anthropologie sofa

then we need some pops of color… I’m thinking something like these pillows


or this art:



in the dining room we are painting the chairs white:

white chairs

and adding some art, either something from charlotte terrell


or this mirror

anthropologie mirror

we need a few tables, but I will wait to chose those until I know which sofa the client prefers…

Now you see why I had such a fun day at work! Now I better get my son out of the vibrating chair with the scary singing glowing dog, before he gets more attached to that than me!


Kristina Eckert