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kitchens beautiful kitchens. One of the rooms that we spend the most time in. Especially if you cook (and eat) like I do. I love all styles from modern to traditional. Here are some of my favorites..


grey kitchen

CLAXY® Ecopower Industrial Barn Mini Metal Pendant Light 1 Light Fixture

1. love the grey cabinet and bleached oak floors and chairs. Stunning. Add a tulip table and this kitchen nears perfection.

black and white kitchen

Set of 2 Wishbone Y Natural Wood Side Chairs
The Marble Tulip Dining Table – 79 inch
White Ceramic Subway Tile 3″ x 6″ (Box of 12 sq.ft.)

2. Love the contrast of the dark wood walls and dark countertops against the light cabinets and floors

ikea kitchen

3. an ikea kitchen. Hard to believe that these cabinets came from ikea, but the combination with the mirror, chandelier, pulls, countertops,accessories and floors make this kitchen absolutely stunning!

wood kitchen

4. antique wood armoire kitchen. Love this traditional wood kitchen.It looks as though they found beautiful antique salvaged building mouldings and cabinets and put it together to create this unique and warm kitchen.

concrete countertops

5. The industrial loft kitchen. So many things that I love about this kitchen. First the gorgeous concrete countertops. The stove, the brick wall, the salvaged wood drawers and the floor to extremely tall ceiling drapes. Beautiful.

antique island

6. The antique island. Wow there is a lot going on in this kitchen, but it is still beautiful. We particularly love the island. Looks like they perhaps salvaged an old furniture piece and turned it into an island. Love the hardware on the glass cabinets. These beautiful cabinets were likely salvaged as well. And we love the fact that the wall finish is tile. So much more durable in a kitchen. The ceiling and light fixture are super funky and unique. And we love the restaurant style faucet. Well done.




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