Organize Your Home to Accomplish Your New Years Goals

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I love New Years Eve. Every year I have a nice dinner with my family and make New Years resolutions. I love this ritual. It gives me a chance to ask for what I want in my life and create a plan of action for how to obtain those things. January tends to be my healthiest, most motivated month of the year, and I love kicking off the New Year with such a great start. A great way to enhance the effectiveness of your resolutions is to prepare your home to be as conducive to your new lifestyle as possible. Following are a few of my New Years Resolutions and how I set up my environment to help me stick to my goals. I hope that you are able to receive some inspiration for ways that you can organize your home to best meat your goals this year.

1. Relax

relaxing living room

One of my number 1 personal resolutions is to find peace and tranquility. Cut the clutter in my mind, release the anxiety and stress and just be relaxed. Something that helps me tremendously with this is having a home that is in order. Purge, organize and clean. A clean house reflects a clean mind. I recommend starting the new year with a ton of beautiful storage boxes to organize all your treasured things, and a lot of garbage bags to purge the excess. Of course a sponge and mop helps to make everything squeeky clean.

2. Eat Healthy

organized kitchen

Another resolution that I make every year is to eat healthier. If this is your’s as well, I find it helps to purge the junk food and organize the healthy so that it is easiest to find in the cupboards. Give the quinoa a spot front and center in your pantry and display your fruits and vegetables in a beautiful bowl. Also, place the appliances such as a blender and food processor in a spot that is easily accessible so that you are more likely to start your morning with a smoothie or fix fresh pesto for dinner. If you want to eat more fresh vegetables, why not create a living wall in your kitchen like the one below?

living wall


3. Spend Time in Nature

sofas outside

Have time making it to daily 3 mile hikes? Don’t we all.. but don’t let that get in the way of fresh air and nature. The above photo shows a great utilization of pallets and 10″ boards to create a low budget outdoor hangout that will surely draw you outside every day that the weather is nice.

4. excercise

forego the coffee table

You don’t need a home gym to be able to excercise at home. I like to do yoga and calisthenics, so I opt to forego the traditional coffee table in order to have enough space to be able to easily stretch and excercise every morning.

5. go green

go green

Minimize your carbon footprint this year with at least one new implementation. Already recycling? Great! Water your lawn with rainwater. Already watering your lawn with rainwater? Fantastic! Look into powering your house with solar panels. We can always take it one step further, so make a vow to do exactly that this year. Need some more ideas? Visit our sustainability tab for more ideas and links to different products and instructional videos.

6. spend more time with family


Most of us have had this as our priority in the last few months, but there is no reason why we can’t continue on that roll! Enjoy each other and help each other with your goals, encourage each other’s aspirations and love each other with all your hearts.

Best wishes this New Year.


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