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Love Sectionals

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Sectionals. You either love them or you hate them. But let’s face it, they are the most comfortable sofa, especially for families that like to cuddle. In my experience, many of the people that hate them, only know the microsuede sectionals from the big box stores such as rooms to go. I am here to change your perspective. Check some of these out…

This oversized sectional requires a rather large living room, but isn’t it great to have the simplicity of just a few pieces of furniture in such a large space?

Even in a smaller room, the simplicity of the furniture layout combined with a predominantly white room, make this room feel calm, even though there is a lot of seating and beautiful items in this space.

In this case, the architecture is really outstanding. But you can see that a large sectional in the same tones as the wall clor far from detracts from the beauty of the house.

When space is tight, a sectional can be made from drawers, these are likely ikea. Great idea for people that like to keep cozy throws and extra pillows nearby, but don’t want them always out.

If you love sectionals, but think that they are too expensive, think again. The above photo shows a homemade sectional that is just some mattresses and throw pillows on a wood platform. Still beautiful!

Here is a sectional on a patio! Great seating can be built right into the deck.

A sectional is a great option if you have a lot of ecclectic things, like the above space. It provides a comfortable seating area without taking away from the beautiful rug and art in the living room.

And last but not least, I leave you with a beautiful, not too large room with a huge cozy sectional to show you that this is a great option for even a small space.

Hope that you enjoyed!


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